The Value Investor of The NFL

The Value Investor of The NFL

(Jeff Fusco/Getty Images for Reebok)

Superbowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens on the left.  Agent Joe Linta on the right above.

With the NFL draft fast approaching I’ve been looking for a story to relate the draft to investing.  But I didn’t expect to find the value investor of the NFL draft in the process.

Below are excerpts from profiling Joe Linta.  The NFL’s agent version of a value investor.

I hope you enjoy the articles and quotes below.  And enjoy the parallels between what Mr. Linta does in the NFL.  And what we do as value investors.

This quote is like looking for “hidden” gems when investing…

Joe Linta is chief advocate for the NFL draft’s marginalia—players whose names will be called on day three, or maybe not at all.

While doing this you’ll also hit the occasional home run as well…

Though he has represented more than 100 players over his 22 years as an agent, negotiated the largest contract in NFL history (Joe Flacco’s six-year, $120.6 million deal) and has three current starting quarterbacks among his clientele (Flacco, Zach Mettenberger and Brian Hoyer), Linta actively seeks out players snubbed by NFL scouting services who sometimes don’t make it through training camp.

Like looking at the OTC markets for investments…

Of Linta’s current crop of 16 prospects, most are projected to be taken in the fourth round or lower and about half won’t be drafted.

How many value investors treat looking for investments…

“For me,” Linta says, “it’s like finding buried treasure.”

Uncovering great companies that no one else knows about…

He loves finding players who have fallen through the cracks, and has made a living identifying and promoting players nobody wanted.

Below is another excerpt from profiling Linta.  Emphasis is mine.

About finding our own niches and taking advantage of them…

He has found this niche of seeing guys and helping them realize their dreams when no one else really believes in them. – Emily Kaplan, Sports Illustrated

To read both profiles on the value investor of the NFL read the links throughout this post.


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