Last Chance For A 50% Discount

Last Chance For A 50% Discount

Today is your last chance to get a one year subscription to Press On Research for $49.  Or 50% off its normal full price of $97 per year.

With your one year subscription you’ll get one company recommendation article a month for the year.  And a Press On Research subscription is the only place I’ll release company recommendation articles anywhere in the future.

Press On Research High Def

If you subscribe today you’ll get my first company recommendation article in more than two years.  Tomorrow when it’s released.  Exclusive to Press On Research subscribers.

Below is a paragraph from the first Press On Research issue that will come out tomorrow:

Since 2011 its produced $469 million in cash.  And its paid out $406 million in dividends to shareholders.  This means it’s paid out 87% of the cash it’s earned since 2011 to shareholders.

This isn’t the only great thing about the company either.  It’s also undervalued.  Has no debt.  And has competitive advantages.

And this isn’t all you’ll get when you subscribe to Press On Research

By subscribing today you’ll also get five free gifts.  Including a copy of my book: How To Value Invest.  Two resources that will help you evaluate companies faster.  And priority access to two future released services.

By subscribing today you’ll get products worth $8,016.94 for only $49.  But this price will only last the rest of today.

And All This Comes with A 90-Day
Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t think Press On Research is offering enough value within the first 90 days, I demand you fire me.  And I will give you a full refund.

I’m so confident you’ll find value with your subscription.  That even if you want to refund within the first 90 days after your order.  You’ll still keep your free gifts.

P.S. Or if you still need further convincing of all the great benefits of a Press On Research subscription go to this link.

P.P.S. And if you have some questions about Press On Research please go to the new Press On Research FAQ Page to see answers to some frequently asked questions.

The Third Amazing 5 Star Review For How To Value Invest Is Out!

The following review was posted on Amazon by John from the amazing value investing site Shadowstock.  Thank you so much for the amazing review John I really appreciate it and I highly recommend everyone to visit his site.  If this review has convinced you to preview or buy the book, please visit this page with all that important information.

The first time I read Jason Rivera’s work was on Seeking Alpha. I read a lot of investment material and was surprised that I never read his work. Immediately I was hooked by his unique ability to explain investment ideas and educate serious investors. The detail and clarity of his work was practical and easy to understand. He deceptively packs so much useful knowledge in his articles.This was exactly what I found in reading “How to Value Invest…”,.

The book contains endless pieces of valuable often overlooked investment insight. Like all great books sure it was fun to read but I expect to be using it as a reference or studying to develop new subtle value investing techniques. For me the book was original quality real world education that is also so much fun to read.

Jason commented the book is geared towards beginner and intermediate level value investors, I don’t agree. I’ve read countless value investing books and if you take reading it seriously this book is for all investors even those with years of experience and a formal investment finance education.

I do agree with Jason’s comment you don’t need to an Ivy League school education to be a great investor. If only this kind of book was available when I majored in Investment Finance and Accounting from a “top ranked” NYC Business school. My investment skills would have been far better served reading, studying and understanding all the concepts presented in this book