Full Preliminary Analysis Training Video

Your Free Full Preliminary Analysis Training Video

In the video below you'll learn every step I take when I do preliminary analysis on a company.

​In the video you'll learn the following things...

  • Why I look at everything I do on a preliminary basis.
  • What everything means.
  • How things like the cash conversion cycle and other metrics can be of huge importance for the entire analysis.
  • The types of things to look for when doing a preliminary analysis that could blow up your investment thesis.
  • Signs you may have found a great company and that you should continue researching them.
  • Signs of a terrible company so you can stop wasting time researching them.
  • And More.

And this is only one of the early training sessions I do.

I only take on 10 coaching clients at any one time.  So if you're ready to take your value investing knowledge to the next level make sure to click the button below to reserve your spot.

Please enjoy the free training video below.

P.S. If you're looking for clarity on what to do next and most important in your own value investing journey I can help...

Below is a testimonial about these coaching programs from a past client.

Jason really helped me identify and hone in on what is important when it comes to analyzing a company. I have been reading about investing for over a year by myself but walking through the process with Jason helped me crystallize my own process and thinking surrounding analysis.

If you're interested in the coaching program but would like to chat first you can now do so for free to see if this would be a good fit for us both.

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