September 2015 Press On Research Issue – Up 150.3% Since Picked


In this issue, I recommended a company to the paid subscribers of Press On Research in September 2015.
I recommended it for many reasons and a few are below:
  • It produced above average margins and free cash flow production.
  • It was selling below its Net Current Asset Valuation (NCAV).  This meant the company was selling for less than the value of just its net current assets after subtracting total liabilities.
  • Even though it was only a $23 million market cap company at the time it owned what I estimated to be $12 million worth of properties on its balance sheet.  This gave us a further margin of safety.
  • It also had other hidden assets in the form of net operating loss carryforwards (NOL’s) that added further significant value to the company.
  • And it was undervalued by 186% to its book value per share.
To view the whole issue and to find out what this great company is, buy the issue below.
Since recommending this great company it’s stock is up 150.3% at my cost basis as of this writing.



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