Services I Offer

Services I Offer

At this point I run three businesses under the Value Investing Journey umbrella...

  1. Value Investing Journey - This is the blog I've run for years now.  It is where I share my thoughts on everything value investing.  Company analysis.  Valuation. Self Improvement.  Entrepreneurship.  And much more.  This is where I posted my past company recommendation articles that you can still view for free.
  2. Press On Research - This is the premium version of the Value Investing Journey site.  And is where I will release my company recommendation articles exclusively going forward.
  3. One on One Value Investment Coaching - This has not officially launched as of today.  But several people are already signed up for this intensive one on one coaching service.  With this program I will teach you everything I know so that you can become an excellent value investor.  Space is limited to only 10 people or companies at any one time.  So if you're interested in this service please Contact Me.

I also have several other services I will offer in the future as well.  So keep your eyes on this blog.

What Else Can You Hire Me For?

  • Business Analysis - If you - or your company - would like me to research a stock and write-up an investment thesis I can do this.  If you are a business owner and are looking for ways to improve your business.  I can analyze it for you to see where you can improve.  And if you are looking to buy private companies or investments I can analyze these for you as well if you can get me the companies financial reports.  And some historical operating information.
  • Freelance Copywriting - While working for a prominent investment newsletter I took and completed the AWAI Copywriters Course.
  • Freelance Article Writing - If you would like me to write articles for your site.  I would love to do this as well.  And have already done so for several sites.

Helping the World

By signing up for any of the services above not only will you be helping yourself.  Your family.  And your businesses.  But you'll also be helping others as well.

A portion of all sales I generate will go to charities in the Philippines where my wife is from.  And to local charities in my area.

Proceeds will go towards educating and feeding kids and adults in the areas mentioned above.

If you would like to talk to me about any of the services above please contact me at or

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