Services I Offer

Services I Offer

I now run four businesses related to Value Investing

  • Value Investing Journey – This is where things all started as I’ve now been running this blog for more than five years.  This is where I share my thoughts on everything value investing related including: company analysis, valuation, self-improvement and learning, failure, and much more.
  • Press On Research – This is the premium version of Value Investing Journey.  It’s where I now release my company recommendation articles exclusively.  This is being revamped as I write this and will relaunch soon.
  • One on One Value Investment Coaching and Mentorship Program  With this program I’ll teach you everything I know so you too can become an excellent value investor.  Space is limited to only 10 people or companies at any one time.  So if you’re interested in this service please Contact Me so we can set a time to talk about your needs and goals.
  • Rivera Holdings LLC. – This is the investment company I’m Chairman, CEO, and Founder of.

Through the first five full years of my investment career I’ve produced returns of 29.2% for investors – on average not compounded – every year.

This is better than the 25.4% Buffett produced in the first five years of his career.

If you’d like more information on how you can invest with me please go here.  Or if you know you’d like to invest or want to ask some questions please contact me at,, or 813-534-0421.

What Can I Help You With?

  • Business or Real Estate Sale – If you’re planning to sell your Business or Real Estate assets I can value and evaluate them for you, look for buyers, help you sell them as a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida, and possibly buy them for my company Rivera Holdings LLC.
  • Business Analysis – If you or your company would like me to research a company and write an investment thesis I can.  If you’re a business owner who’s looking for ways to improve your business I can do a full analysis of it to see how it can improve.  This would include a full analysis of your competition and market.  And if you’re looking to buy or sell your private company or real estate investments I can analyze and value these for you as well.
  • Freelance Article Writing – If you’d like me to write an article for your site or project I’d love to do so and have already done this for several sites.
  • Free Interview For Your Site – I’ve done interviews with GuruFocus twice, – first and second times respectively – How I Grow My Wealth, Merger Market, Intelligent Investing Podcast, Blog Talk Radio, and more.  If you’d like to interview me please let me know as I’d love to do so.

Helping the World

By signing up for any of the services above not only will you be helping yourself, your family, and your businesses, but you’ll also be helping others as well.

Part of all sales I generate goes to charities in the Philippines where my wife is from and to local charities in my area.  For more information about this and my plans for expansion go to this link.

Proceeds will go towards educating and feeding kids and adults in the areas mentioned above.

If you’d like to talk to me about any of the services above please contact me at or

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