Complete Business Analysis

Complete Three-Day In Person Analysis Of Your Entire Business...

Anywhere In The World​

Running a business is hard enough.  But if you don't know your numbers, know what's happening in your industry, and what's coming in the future, then it's almost impossible to run a successful business.

According to the United States Small Business Administration 1/3rd of small businesses close within their first two years of operations.  And only half of new small businesses last beyond five years.

According to a U.S. Bank study, "a whopping 82% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems.​"

​Just because you're starting a business doesn't mean you understand what goes in to making that business profitable.  Or the metrics that show if your business is doing well or not.

I can help...

I've got 10 years of experience valuing and evaluating businesses.  Finding their competitive advantages and strengths while also figuring out what their weaknesses are so they can be improved on.

​If you're looking to increase profitability, improve efficiency, turn your inventory over faster, improve cash flow, clean up your balance sheet to improve cash and lower debt, I can help with all these.

​I can also help with the following problems as well...

  • Do you run or own a business and have tried to improve it without luck?
  • Maybe you've run your business for years but now want to sell and don't know how to value your business?
  • Is your competition outpacing you and you don't know why?​
  • Or maybe you've inherited a business and just want to sell but don't know how to value the business.

I'm Willing To Travel Anywhere In The World To Value And Evaluate Your Business In Person And Solve The Above Problems For You

​Complete three day in-person - at any location in the world - analysis of your entire business. Some of the things I'll focus on during this face to face analysis of your business are as follows.

  •  A full evaluation and valuation of your business.
  • This includes an evaluation of any real estate you have.
  • Analysis of your competition.
  • Analysis of the market your business is in.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your businesses strengths and weaknesses and how to improve both.
  • Evaluation of your margins and how to improve them.
  • How to increase your businesses cash flow.
  • Determine if your business has pricing power and if you can raise prices on your products.
  • The best ways to improve your companies balance sheet including reducing or eliminating debt compared to cash levels.
  • And much more.

Inside The United States and Canada

Flat Price of $4,997

This price covers the price of everything...

Plane, hotel, and your full business analysis, valuations, and reports.


Outside The United States and Canada

Flat Price of $7,497

This covers the price of everything...

Plane, hotel, extra flying days, any visas required, your full business analysis, valuations, and reports.


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