May 2015 Press On Research Issue – Up 85.5% Since Picked


In this issue I recommended a company to the paid subscribers of Press On Research in May 2015. I recommended it for several reasons… Some of which are below.

I recommended it for several reasons and some are below.

  • It was a Benjamin Graham NCAV type investment.
  • It had more net cash on its balance sheet than its entire market cap.
  • It’s now bought back more than 20% of its outstanding shares.
  • It was undervalued by a substantial margin.
  • And more.

To find out what this investment is, make sure to buy the issue below.

Since recommending this company in May 2015, this position is up a total of 85.5% including the more than 20% buyback of its shares as of this writing.


P.S. If you're not completely sold on this issue, you can use the button below to download a few pages of the issue for free.


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