Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live #3

Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live #3

Bruce Berkowitz Has A Blog via @crowdturtle – Value investing master – and runner of the Fairholme Fund – sharing his thoughts on all things investing.  Some of the content includes him talking at the University of Miami.  Personal trips.  And his thoughts on his investments.


The Art of Learning: The Tool of Choice For Top Athletes, Traders, and Creatives via @TFerriss –   A book recommended by Tim Ferriss, Mark Messier, Deepak Chopra, and Cal Ripken Jr. among others.  This link includes a free chapter of the book as well.

I haven’t read this yet even though its been on my to read list for a while.  But have heard nothing but great things about it.


Brazil Fast Food Enters Into Definitive Agreement To Go Private at $18.30 Per Share – Big surprise here #sarcasm.  The “special committee” approved BOBS plans to go ahead.  And “unanimously agrees” that the deal is a good deal for shareholders.

As I explained in last weeks post on this exact topic, I expected this to happen since BOBS and Queijo are paying the fees for the “special and independent” committee.  The only way this deal will stop now is if just fewer than 10% of remaining outside shareholders vote the deal down.  Which is unlikely at best.


Master of Influence Robert Cialdini Recommends Five Books via @farnamstreet.

Peyton Manning, Buffett, and Munger via @sovagroup.


To gain access to a free 20-page gift that will help you evaluate companies faster.  And is something I use every time I research a company.  And to make sure you get all future posted content. Go to this link.


Weekend Reading Links: NBA, Less Wrong, Reservations, EV/EBIT, Becoming a Polymath, and More.

The Atlantic – The Four Horsemen May Charge Over The Earth — But Coca Cola Will Remain.

Farnam Street – Thomas Bayes and Bayes’s Theorem.

Aeon – Anyone Can Learn To Be A Polymath.

Safal Niveshak – Life & Money Lessons From Kantilal.

Oddball Stocks – Completebankdata.com.  This is Nate from Oddballs Stocks new site that helps you to research banks with its great software instead of having to do all the searching yourself.

Greg Speicher – EV/EBIT Ratio Trumps P/E Ratio.

The New York Times – Treasure Hunters of the Financial Crisis.

Mises – Native American Reservations: Socialist Archipalego.  I found this article very interesting myself living within a few hours drive of some reservations and some of the poorest ones in the country at that.

Less Wrong – On Learning Difficult Things.  This site was recommended to me by Valueprax and is a site I have learned from since then.  I like to consider myself a pretty bright guy but the people who post on this site are at a completely higher level of smart.  Some of the topics and discussions (called sequences) on the main site include: Reductionism, ethics of artificial intelligence and the singularity, evolution, the philosophy of zombies (not the zombies you are thinking about), self-deception, rationality, quantum physics, etc.  If you like to think, read, learn, and you have an open mind this site is absolutely amazing.

Forbes – Revisiting The Greatest Sports Deal Of All Time.  An update to this article is below.

Bleacher Report – NBA Negotiating With The Silna Brothers To Remedy Their Egregious $300 million mistake.

Weekend Reading Links: Building Wordly Wisdom Put Into Practice

As I talked about in this post I have been building my wordly wisdom and mental models for a while now since nearly every company I want to buy I estimate to be overvalued currently.  I have expanded my reading to my other interests which are all over the map.  I will be sharing some of my favorite articles with you over the coming weeks and hope you learn something from them like I have.  Don’t worry, a lot of them will still be investing related or the thinking can be applied to investing.  For the rest I just find them either interesting or intellectually stimulating.

The New York Reviews of Books – Physics: What We Do And Don’t Know.

Project Syndicate – Measure for Mismeasure.

Microcap Club – The Value Of Net Operating Losses.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as it pertains to valuations.

Farnam Street – Evolution is Blind But We’re Not.

Farnam Street – Marcus Aurelius on How To Act and Four Habits of Thought To Eliminate.

Motherboard – Is Robert Zubrin America’s Best Hope For Colonizing The Red Planet?

Greg Speicher – Henry Singleton: A Master of Capital Allocation.

The Washington Post – Studying Chinese To Reach His Parents.

Youtube Video – America is the Microsoft of Nations.

Bruce Kasanoff – Huge Decisions Require The Rocking Chair Test.

Excellent Links From When I Was Writing How To Value Invest Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I posted links about how Whopper Investments got into the Value Investors Club, Berkshire Hathaway, Moats, a fantastic new blog, and other links with excellent information.

Part 2 will contain a gold mine of information about and from Sanjay Bakshi (The Fundoo Professor), how to value gold mining companies, How Zynga went from a powerhouse to a has been, free Wharton Business School classes, and much more.

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 1

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 2

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 3

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 4

A list of nearly 50 articles, talks, and interviews from and about Sanjay Bakshi.

http://www.safalniveshak.com/  The entire blog is amazing and highly recommend that everyone goes back and looks through the whole blog.

The treasure trove of information above I got from John over at Shadowstock and is why it took me a little while longer than I thought it would to get back to researching companies.  There is so much good information on the sites above that it could take weeks or months to go through it.  Thanks a lot John as the information above is some of the best I have learned from in a long time and hope that you all will learn a lot from it too.

Gold Mining Case Studies from CSInvesting.

How Zynga Went From Social Gaming Powerhouse to Has-Been.  Long but excellent article from Arstechnica.

Wharton Puts Its First Year MBA Courses Online For Free.  I have not signed up for these and do not plan to take them but thought I would put them on here for anyone who may be interested.

The Buffett Formula On How To Get Smarter.  Another fantastic article from Farnam Street.

Catching Up On Some More Links

Farnam Street-The World Is Much More Interesting Than Any One Discipline.

Wexboy-Tetragon Ready To Be A Star.

Sahara Investing-The Luxury Goods Market.

Oddball Stocks-Thoughts On Quantative Value Investing.

Valueinvestingblog.net-Investing In Japan: Late To The Party.

Valuewalk-Insurance Companies, Where Buybacks Are Key: Travelers.

Farnam Street-Mastery.

OTC Adventures-Value Investing Strategy And Unlisted Securities Part 1.

Whopper Investments-The Best Values Are Over The Counter Stocks So Is $OTCM A Great Value Too?

Ragnar Is A Pirate-Changing 13D’s At Trinity Place Holdings.

The Aleph Blog-On Insurance Investing Part 2.

Quotations Page-Persistence Quotes, my favorite is the Calvin Coolidge One:

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Absoutely love that quote.

Mises.org-Cartman Shrugged: The Invisible Gnomes and The Invisible Hand In South Park.

CSInvesting-The Secret To Investing Success (Munger Tip).

Valueconferences.com-Adib Motiwala: Your Instructor At Small Cap Investing Summit 2013, hour long interview.