Value Investing Journey Named A Top 40 Value Investment Blog In The World

Value Investing Journey Named A Top 40 Value Investment Blog In The World.

I’ve been a bit absent lately working on some major projects, building a team and delegating tasks, consulting and coaching clients, and setting the foundations for my businesses up a LOT better.

I needed to do this so it’s easier for everyone to learn and gain value from these this site.  But also so I can spend more time creating content and helping people learn the ultra-valuable skill of value investing and business analysis.

While I’m doing this I can’t forget about this award though…

Last month Value Investing Journey was named a Top 40 Value Investing Blog In The World By Feedspot.

I want to thank the team at Feedspot for this honor.

And I also want to thank you as a loyal reader.

Without you sticking by this blog while I take the occasional breaks to learn, work on other projects, and work to grow my businesses this wouldn’t be possible.

This is now the second time this year we’ve been named a top 50 value investment site in the world.

There are a ton of other great value investing sites on both lists so make sure to take a look at and learn from them.

Feedspot Named Value Investing Journey One of the Top 40 Value Investing Blogs In The World

Thanks so much for being and remaining a part of this journey.


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