The Next GE – Interview #2 With Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast

The Next GE – Interview #2 With Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast

In the first interview I did with Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast in 2016, we talked about more general value investing concepts, mindsets and processes.

In today’s interview, we talk about an investment I made in 2015 that I called ‘The Next GE’.

In the 27 – minute interview linked below, we go over this investment case study style that I recommended in October 2015 exclusively to Press On Research subscribers.

We do this to figure out a couple of things…

  • Why I titled this company’s recommendation issue ‘The Next GE’
  • Why they’re now up 460% as of this writing since I recommended them

Some of the other things we also talk about in the interview are…

  • Valuation
  • How this company compared to its competition
  • Where I found this company
  • How I found this company
  • How you can find extreme value in the small cap OTC and ADR arenas
  • And more

Here is the description of the interview from Eric’s podcast site…

In this interview, Eric Schleien goes through an investment case study Jason Rivera recommended to his subscribers and for the portfolios he manages about a small and obscure company that has almost tripled since 2015.

When he recommended them, he titled the issue The Next GE and in this interview we go over why he thought that.

His podcast has interviews with other great up and coming value investors as well so make sure to listen to them.

You can listen to the interview here if you don’t have iTunes.

Or you can listen here if you do have iTunes.

Make sure to follow Eric on Twitter, and subscribe to his great podcast when listening to either of the above places.

I hope you enjoy and find some great value in the interview.

Oh, and by the way…

If you listen to the interview, you also get a couple of free resources to learn from that I provided exclusively to listeners of this interview.

One I’ve never released before other than to paying subscribers.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 and let me know your thoughts on this company in the comments below once you listen to the interview and download the FREE resources.

P.S. The analysis I did on this – and EVERY company I evaluate – is based on the preliminary analysis template I developed over the last 11 years, and after evaluating thousands of companies. If you’d like a copy of this to do your own preliminary analysis, you can get yours for free here.

P.P.S. I put on a FREE webinar last Thursday teaching The 3 Secrets That Have Helped Me Beat Buffett In The Stock Market, so you can possibly do the same. If you’d like to sign up for FREE to view the replay of the webinar, you can do so here.

Interviewed By Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast

Interviewed By Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast

A couple of months ago Eric Schleien – @EricSchleien on Twitter – asked if I’d like to get interviewed for his new podcast titled The Intelligent Investing Podcast.

Eric is great so of course I said yes.

In the 49-minute interview linked above we talked about the following things:

  • Value investing.
  • Valuation.
  • How I got into value investing.
  • The smallest company in my current portfolio.
  • The worldwide spread of where I research.
  • Why I don’t short.
  • The art of value investing.
  • My favorite kinds of businesses to invest in.
  • Red flag indicators when researching insurance companies.
  • Book and website recommendations.
  • And more.

Please check out Eric’s brief description of the interview below:

In this episode Eric Schleien interviews Jason Rivera who is on a mission to build a holding company inspired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Really fascinating individual and incredibly talented and smart value investor. He is sure to be someone worth following over the next decade to come.

I meant to post this on the blog when it first released but as I was updating the site the other day I realized I forgot to after I posted it to Twitter and Facebook.  My apologies to Eric about this delay.

His podcast has interviews with other great up and coming value investors as well so make sure to listen to them.

And just last Friday Eric announced a digital marketing company is now managing his podcast for YouTube so congrats on that Eric and thanks a lot for having me on your podcast.

You can listen to the interview at the link above.  And make sure to follow Eric on Twitter, and subscribe to his great podcast.

I hope you all enjoyed the interview and please let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Oh and yes I know the umm’s and pauses are terrible on my part.

Please bear with me, it’s what I do when I’m thinking and gathering my thoughts, I’m aware this needs fixing, and it’s something I’m actively working to improve.

Interview For How I Grow My Wealth

Interview For How I Grow My Wealth

Earlier this year John from How I Grow My Wealth asked me a question about P/E and EPS on my post: Why The P/E Ratio is Useless And How To Calculate EV.  And then we talked further about this and other value investing and business topics on Twitter and through a couple of phone calls.

Shortly after this, John asked me if I’d like to do an interview for his site and of course I said yes after our fantastic chats.

Below is a brief excerpt of the in-depth interview I did with him for his site

To view the entire interview please go to this link which will take you to it.

The interview includes talk about value investing, self-improvement, the $8 million acquisition I attempted last year, inspiration from Bruce Lee and Grant Cardone, and more.

I hope you enjoy it.


I’m very excited to be sharing this interview with Jason Rivera, a man who in his first five years achieved better returns than Warren Buffet did in his first five years. Who is Jason Rivera? Let’s get into the interview and you’ll find out!

John: Can you provide some background on yourself and Rivera Holdings for those who aren’t familiar with you or your company?

Jason: Yes. I’m a self taught value investor who focuses on small and obscure public companies to buy for my investors. And I’m now also looking for private businesses and cash flow producing real estate to buy as well.

I’m the author of the acclaimed value investing education book How To Value Invest. Have run the blog Value Investing Journey for more than five years now. Wrote a 60-page booklet detailing the immense power of investment float that I released for free to readers of my blog and followers – on Twitter and Facebook – titled All About Float. Have written for several publications and investment newsletters including: Seeking Alpha, Guru Focus, Insider Monkey, and Palm Beach Research Group among others.

I mentor others on how to become great value investors, consult on projects requiring business analysis and valuation skills, and run my investment holding company Rivera Holdings LLC. out of the Tampa Florida area.

John: When you were a kid did you know you wanted to grow up to be a value investor?

Jason: Ha ? no. I don’t have any stories like Warren Buffett where he was buying things at wholesale prices – gum if I remember right – and then selling them at a higher price to his classmates as a kid.

Unfortunately, I was far more interested in playing sports, chasing girls, and playing video games than investing when I was a kid.

I always knew I wanted to make money, start businesses, and help people but the value investing part and putting effort into making those things happen only began happening in my late teens and early twenties…

Thanks a lot John for asking me to do the interview.  I hope our readers gain something from this.

15 Questions With Jason Rivera – An interview I did with P.j. Pahygiannis of GuruFocus

15 Questions With Jason Rivera – An interview I did with P.j. Pahygiannis of GuruFocus

Below is a brief excerpt to the 15 question interview I did with P.J. Pahygiannis of GuruFocus.  The questions range from how I began as a value investor, to books I recommend, my investment focus and style, my investment icons, and more.

To view the full transcript please go here or also to the link further below.

Today, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Jason Rivera. Jason tells us his favorite books, the investors he looks up to, the books he recommends, as well as his findings in the OTC market.

How did you get started investing? What is your background?

I started learning about investing out of necessity. About 10 years ago I was dealing with severe dizziness issues, so I could not do much. But when my wife told me she was pregnant with our first daughter, I knew I had to do something that would allow me to provide for my family at some point when I got healthy.

At the time I thought about going into three different lines of work.

One was to become a politician but I figured the world didn’t need any more scum bag politicians.

The second was becoming a writer but I remember being told in high school by one teacher, “I hope you never want to become a writer because this paper is terrible.” And it was the truth then.

And third was that I remembered learning some basics about investing my senior year in high school and I remember being interested in it.

So almost by default I chose the path of learning about investing because it was the only path I was even a bit interested in.

To view the full 15 question interview go to the following link.

Link to Full Interview Here.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity P.J.

I’m Going To Be Interviewed On Blog Talk Radio In Less Than 2 Hours; Link Available.

Last week I was contacted by Mr. Gary Gonzales who has a show on Blog Talk Radio named Come and Take It that is about investing and how to take control of your financial future.  He found my book on Amazon and asked if I would come on his show to talk about How To Value Invest and value investing in general.

I agreed to be on the show that will air live tonight at 7 PM Eastern time.  For those who would like to listen in the link is here.  If you cannot listen in tonight he said that the link and interview would be archived on his site for listening later. There will also be the chance for you to call in and ask questions if you would like to do that the number is (877) 537-2878.

I am honored to be asked on the show and hope to not sound like an idiot.  Invoking Charlie Munger’s principle of not being an idiot instead of trying to be brilliant, which I obviously struggle with if you have followed this blog for any amount of time : )  Hope to hear from some of you tonight and hope that you listen in.