Reminder to Vote In The Cover Design Contest, Finished Fourth Entire Edit/Revision, Schedule For Upcoming Book Related Information, Evaluating a Spin-Off

This is a reminder to vote in the cover design contest for How To Value Invest.  It will only take about one minute of your time and will be greatly appreciated. So far the vote for the top design is very close between the top two and remember that whoever is the top rated vote receiver will win the contest and their design will be the cover for my upcoming book.  The poll will run until this coming Friday when a winner will be announced.  The top two designs so far are below.

Book cover by Lilam Book cover by dalim

Thanks to Jeff over at the Ragnar is a Pirate blog who gave me some excellent feedback I have just finished up the fourth entire edit/revision of the book and am even more excited to share it with you.  Thanks a lot Jeff you have helped make the book a lot better after your recommendation I really appreciate it.  If you have not checked out his value investing blog linked above I highly recommend it as it is one of my favorites.  I am eagerly looking forward to feedback from some other value bloggers as well.

Now that we are less than a month away from release I am going to start announcing and sharing things about the book a lot more quickly.  Some of the things that will be announced or put on the blog about the book in the coming weeks are going to be: The table of contents, announcement of how to get yourself an advance copy, release of preview chapters, how everyone could get the book 50% off.

I have also done some research on another company and plan to do a mini write-up of it as well.  The company is a bit of a departure from what I have done lately, concentrating on sub $100 million companies, but since I am having trouble finding undervalued companies in that area I decided to look at a spin-off opportunity at a much bigger company and may have found a company to invest in if they become more undervalued.