Announcing The Launch Of A FREE Webinar In The Works For Years

Announcing The Launch Of A FREE Webinar In The Works For Years


This is the thought that keeps coming to mind when I think about writing this post…

Not only because I’ve had this thought in my mind for years but also because it’s been several months of long, frustrating, and exciting work for my team and I to put this together.

And now we’re ready to launch…

As many of you know the number 1 goal of this blog is to educate and teach people the ultra-valuable skill of value investing, business analysis, and valuation.

And while I’ve been a bit absent over the past several months, it’s not because I haven’t been working towards furthering this goal.

Today, I want to announce what my team and I have worked on for months now.

It’s something that I’ve had in my mind and wanted to do for years but could never put together until now with the help of a great team.

To find out more, go to the following link to sign up for the FREE live webinar on Thursday, November 30th at 12 PM EST.

Reserve Your Spot On The FREE Webinar Here

The webinar is titled…

In this one hour FREE presentation you’ll not only learn what’s mentioned above…

But you’ll also learn the three secrets that have helped me produce average – not compounded – returns of 29.7% every year for the first five years of my career.

This beats Buffett in the first five years of his career.

By learning these three secrets yourself, you can possibly beat Buffett too.

If you spend 1 hour out of your busy day,  you will not only learn the three secrets that could help you beat Buffett in the stock market…

But you’ll also learn a lot more as well.

Plus, for those who view the webinar live, you’ll also have access to an unreleased special gift only seen by a few people EVER before.

And you’ll be among the first people on Earth to see this presentation and learn these ultra valuable secrets.

To sign up for the FREE webinar use the following link…

Reserve Your Spot On The FREE Webinar Here

Sincerely Yours,

Jason Rivera

P.S. If you can’t make it to the live video, simply sign up for FREE at the link above to gain exclusive access to the replays of the presentation.  You can view the replay at a time that works better for you.

P.P.S. These video replays will only be up for a short time before they’re taken down… Possibly forever. So if you want to view either the live webinar or a replay make sure to sign up for free above.

Preliminary Analysis Training Video for Client

Preliminary Analysis Training Video for Client

In this video, I made a preliminary analysis training video for a Value Investing Coaching Program client.

In the video, I take the client through everything I do on a preliminary basis.  Explain why I look at everything I do.  Explain what everything means.  And most importantly, why everything I look at is important in the context of evaluating an investment.

Below is an edited transcript of the first part of the video… You can watch the full video further below.

And one last note before getting to the transcript of the video…

The client picked this company for us to do a real-time and real-world analysis on because he was interested in this company as a potential investment.

I’d never seen or evaluated this company before meeting and talking with this client.


Since we’ve already talked about this company a bit on a preliminary basis, I’m doing things differently than I normally would on a preliminary analysis.

I’m also going through this slower than usual so I can explain what everything means.

The first thing I do is go to Morningstar, open up the key ratios tab and the financials tab in another page so I have those handy and ready.

The first thing I want to mention here is that I was able to find its ticker on Morningstar unlike the other day when we were talking.

It’s listed on the Frankfurt exchange on Morningstar under the ticker SGQ.

You’ll notice SGQ lists in Euros on Morningstar as well.  Make sure to always notice which currency the company lists on financial sites.

Go to Google Finance, same company but this time the company lists on the Singapore Exchange under the ticker B7K.

I’m going to reference the Google finance listing throughout but I’m going to be using the company’s financials listed on Morningstar because that’s where I do all my preliminary analysis as they have more information.

But because of this difference please keep in mind some of the numbers may be different from the ones you’re seeing.

This is because the Google finance numbers are i n Singaporean Dollars (SGD) and as mentioned above Morningstar lists its numbers in Euros.

The first difference you’ll notice is the difference in market cap of 28.9 million Euros on Morningstar and 44.4 million SGD on Google.

This is likely due to a conversion rate exchange difference and I’ll look at that later.

The next thing I do is get right into the preliminary analysis.  The same one I use for every company I evaluate…


To see the full real-time and real world training watch the video below.

And if you’re interested in getting your own one on one Value Investment Coaching please go to the link below.

Value Investing JourneyValue Investment Coaching Program.

Launch Of The Value Investment Coaching Program

Launch Of The Value Investment Coaching Program

I’ve thought about this program for years, have mentored and taught dozens of people over the last several years – thousands if you count those who’ve read How To Value Invest – but have not had time to officially launch a coaching program until now…

Today I’m writing you to announce the launch of the Rivera Holdings LLC. and Value Investing Journey – Value Investment Coaching Program.  While just the beginning – this is the culmination of years of thought and planning.

We’ll continue making improvements as we continue on this journey together, but I’m ecstatic today to announce the official release of this program.

There is some brief info about the program below.  But to see full information and sign up for any of the programs go to the following page – Value Investment Coaching Program.


Value Investment Coaching Program

So you’re interested in becoming a better value investor so you can manage your own investments or further your career.  But you’re stuck, not progressing, and beginning to get frustrated and don’t know what your next step should be…

I’ve been there…

Spending several hours, days, or months in this state is not only destructive to your progress but also your psyche.

If you stay in this state for too long the frustration will become too great and you’re likely to give up on becoming an excellent value investor.

What do the greats do when they’re stuck and want to go to the next level?

They work with a coach, find a mentor, and train.

Even the great Michael Jordan as illustrated by the quote below admits that without his coach Phil Jackson he wouldn’t have ended up as great of a player as he did.

So Why Don’t You Have A Coach or Mentor?

If the greatest athletes in the world have coaches and mentors, and increasingly the titans of business do as well, why don’t you have or think you need a coach?

If you’re looking for a mentor or coach to help point you in the right direction in business and life and help get you to the next level why haven’t you reached out to them?

Maybe you’re like me when I started and feel you don’t have the connections, network, or resources to reach out to someone like this.

When I began learning about value investing I couldn’t go to college or get a “normal” job due to severe health issues.

And none of my family, friends, or connections had any knowledge about value investing so I had to learn everything myself.

This led to years of anger, frustration, and lost time that I can never have back.

But I can now help you avoid that same fate…

I’m writing this message today to announce the opening of the Rivera Holdings LLC. and Value Investing Journey – Value Investment Coaching Program