Preliminary Analysis Case Study #1 Part 1- Constellation Brands

Preliminary Analysis Case Study #1 Part 1 Constellation Brands

Years ago, I would spend hours researching one company on a preliminary basis so I could figure out if I wanted to do further research on it and possibly invest in it.

And I would do this full hours long process on a company no matter what I found out during the preliminary analysis.

Not only was this a massive waste of time spent researching companies I knew I wasn’t going to invest in, but this process only allowed me to go through one company on a preliminary basis in an hour or two.

With more than 20,000 companies available to research worldwide, I knew I needed to streamline this process a lot.

I needed to get rid of crap companies faster and evaluate more companies in a shorter time.

By doing these two things it would not only allow me to find potentially great investments faster but I’d also learn more industries and business models faster as well.

So out of necessity came my preliminary analysis checklist you can get by subscribing to Value Investing Journey for FREE here.

After developing this process I can now go through 5 – 10 companies in an hour and learn an immense amount about one company in just a few minutes.

Why am I telling you about all this?

Because one of my $10,000 coaching clients, in less than a month, went from minimal value investment knowledge to doing these full preliminary analysis on companies by himself.

He now knows what everything on the checklist means and he now wants to help others as he’s learning.  Here’s the kicker:

He graciously offered to post his first ever full preliminary analysis here on the Value Investing Journey blog so that not only can he get feedback from you to help him improve.  But also so that we could all help each other grow our value investing knowledge by doing real-world value investment case studies together.

The company he chose to evaluate is…

Constellation Brands – Stock Ticker STZ

Here’s the brief profile of Constellation Brands from its own company profile…

Simply put, we produce and market high-end beer and premium wine and spirits brands that consumers love.

Whether at home relaxing, in a restaurant marking a special occasion – or at a concert, a ball game or a day at the beach – our brands are front and center.

We understand our consumers and strive, not only to meet their current drinking preferences, but to anticipate and respond to what they’ll be reaching for next.

If you’d like to participate in this case study yourself all you’ll need is the exclusive Value Investing Journey Preliminary Analysis Checklist you can get for FREE here and Internet access to go to  That’s it.

You’ll learn best if you do your preliminary analysis before Wednesday when I release the preliminary analysis he did on this company.

And on Friday, I’m going to release part one of our exclusive training session explaining why everything is on the preliminary analysis worksheet and more importantly what everything means in terms of analyzing the company.

If you have any comments or questions please post them in the comments section below and I’ll answer them.

I’d also love to see your preliminary analysis as well so feel free to post these in the comments below.

Value Investing Journey Named A Top 40 Value Investment Blog In The World

Value Investing Journey Named A Top 40 Value Investment Blog In The World.

I’ve been a bit absent lately working on some major projects, building a team and delegating tasks, consulting and coaching clients, and setting the foundations for my businesses up a LOT better.

I needed to do this so it’s easier for everyone to learn and gain value from these this site.  But also so I can spend more time creating content and helping people learn the ultra-valuable skill of value investing and business analysis.

While I’m doing this I can’t forget about this award though…

Last month Value Investing Journey was named a Top 40 Value Investing Blog In The World By Feedspot.

I want to thank the team at Feedspot for this honor.

And I also want to thank you as a loyal reader.

Without you sticking by this blog while I take the occasional breaks to learn, work on other projects, and work to grow my businesses this wouldn’t be possible.

This is now the second time this year we’ve been named a top 50 value investment site in the world.

There are a ton of other great value investing sites on both lists so make sure to take a look at and learn from them.

Feedspot Named Value Investing Journey One of the Top 40 Value Investing Blogs In The World

Thanks so much for being and remaining a part of this journey.


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Announcing The Launch Of A FREE Webinar In The Works For Years

Announcing The Launch Of A FREE Webinar In The Works For Years


This is the thought that keeps coming to mind when I think about writing this post…

Not only because I’ve had this thought in my mind for years but also because it’s been several months of long, frustrating, and exciting work for my team and I to put this together.

And now we’re ready to launch…

As many of you know the number 1 goal of this blog is to educate and teach people the ultra-valuable skill of value investing, business analysis, and valuation.

And while I’ve been a bit absent over the past several months, it’s not because I haven’t been working towards furthering this goal.

Today, I want to announce what my team and I have worked on for months now.

It’s something that I’ve had in my mind and wanted to do for years but could never put together until now with the help of a great team.

To find out more, go to the following link to sign up for the FREE live webinar on Thursday, November 30th at 12 PM EST.

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The webinar is titled…

In this one hour FREE presentation you’ll not only learn what’s mentioned above…

But you’ll also learn the three secrets that have helped me produce average – not compounded – returns of 29.7% every year for the first five years of my career.

This beats Buffett in the first five years of his career.

By learning these three secrets yourself, you can possibly beat Buffett too.

If you spend 1 hour out of your busy day,  you will not only learn the three secrets that could help you beat Buffett in the stock market…

But you’ll also learn a lot more as well.

Plus, for those who view the webinar live, you’ll also have access to an unreleased special gift only seen by a few people EVER before.

And you’ll be among the first people on Earth to see this presentation and learn these ultra valuable secrets.

To sign up for the FREE webinar use the following link…

Reserve Your Spot On The FREE Webinar Here

Sincerely Yours,

Jason Rivera

P.S. If you can’t make it to the live video, simply sign up for FREE at the link above to gain exclusive access to the replays of the presentation.  You can view the replay at a time that works better for you.

P.P.S. These video replays will only be up for a short time before they’re taken down… Possibly forever. So if you want to view either the live webinar or a replay make sure to sign up for free above.

Value Investing Journey 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2015

Value Investing Journey 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2015

The following list is the Value Investing Journey 10 Most popular Posts of 2015.

If you missed any when they were first posted make sure to check them out below now.  Here’s looking forward to an even better 2016.

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And the number one most viewed post on this site in 2015 was…

1. Warren Buffett And Charlie Munger Are Failures

File:Charlie Munger.jpgFile:Warren Buffett KU Visit.jpg

From the views it looks like you’re interested in a variety of topics.

Valuation, case studies, Buffett and Munger, failure, psychology, habit, mental models, and personal improvement were major themes of the above list.

According to Munger reading a wide variety of things means we all improved as investors and thinkers in 2015.

Remember, no matter how fast you improve or learn as long as you continue to learn and improve this will compound over time and lead us closer to our goals.

Bonus – Most Viewed Page Of The Year

The number one viewed page on the blog – besides the home page – was the Recommended Reading And Viewing Page.  This one page got almost 8,000 unique views last year by itself.

If you’ve never visited this page you should.  It holds links to all the best resources I’ve learned from over the years.  And gets updated regularly.

Is there anything I haven’t written about yet that you want me to in 2016?  Did your favorite post make the list? If so which one was your favorite?  If not which post was your favorite that didn’t make it?  Let me know in the comments below.

And to make sure you don’t miss any more great content subscribe to Value Investing Journey for free here.

Once subscribed you’ll also get entered to win prizes.  Get a 50% discount on a One Year Press On Research subscription.  And get three gifts.

Armanino Foods (AMNF) Case Study Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis

Armanino Foods (AMNF) Case Study Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis

While searching through micro cap OTC companies several years ago I came across

Armanino Foods (AMNF).  It was fairly valued.  I liked the business it was in.  But its margins weren’t great.  And it wasn’t growing fast so I decided not to invest in it.

I forgot about the company in the years since.  But I came across it again while searching for companies to invest in.  And took another look at it…  On a preliminary basis the company looks great now so I’m researching it again.

But instead of keeping this to myself, I’m turning it into a real-time case study.

In videos and posts over the coming weeks I’ll show you exactly how I research companies from start to the finish.  I don’t know if I will end up recommending the company for investment.  Or if I will end up passing on it.  But I will show you every step I take in the process.

Case studies helped me learn faster.  So I’m posting this case study to help you learn faster as well.

All Value Investing Journey and Press On Research subscribers got access to my preliminary research on Armanino Foods this past Saturday.  And only subscribers will get the preliminary research.

So if you want to get early access to all future case study information.  And access to my preliminary research on Armanino Foods.  Subscribe at the links above.

Part one of a real-time case study on Armanino Foods is below.  In the 12:49 video I explain how I go through companies on a preliminary basis.  And tell you why every metric is important.

This is an interactive case study.  So if you have any questions about the process.  Would like me to explain things better.  Tell me how I can improve these videos going forward.  Or just want to chat about the ongoing Armanino Foods case study, comment below.


Don’t forget, if you want to receive two free gifts that will help you evaluate companies faster.  Get all future blog posts. Get future case study information first.  And be entered to win a hard copy of: The Snowball – Warren Buffett and the Business of Life and a $50 AMEX gift card. Sign up for the Value Investing Journey newsletter here.