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“Excellent book that taught exactly what I needed to know!

The book’s structure revolves around the author’s published articles that concerns (potentially) undervalued firms which he has researched. After presenting his investment case, the author comments on the way he has conducted his research and valuation. In sum, this combination is great, as the reader gain insight to actual usable valuation techniques, which the author explains thoroughly in his “analysis explanation” section, as well as pointers on what to look for in a balance sheet, in management, and in companies in general (such as moats).

This book is essential if you wish to learn how to value companies in a rational way.”


I hope the author will do a follow-up! KristianK’s Review on Amazon


“Mr. Rivera’s tome is a useful and honest reflection of his journey into value investing. As such, it would be of immense benefit to fellow travellers who are practicing the art and science of value investing. My sincerest thanks to Mr. Rivera for sharing his experiences with us. I have learnt much from him.”  This high school teacher sent me this testimonial through email and wished to remain anonymous 


“Jason commented the book is geared towards beginner and intermediate level value investors, I don’t agree. I’ve read countless value investing books and if you take reading it seriously this book is for all investors even those with years of experience and a formal investment finance education.

I do agree with Jason’s comment you don’t need to an Ivy League school education to be a great investor. If only this kind of book was available when I majored in Investment Finance and Accounting from a “top ranked” NYC Business school. My investment skills would have been far better served reading, studying and understanding all the concepts presented in this book”  Portion of Shadowstock’s review from Amazon.


“Jason hit a home run with this book by filling a void in investing literature that needed to be filled. If this book was on the shelves when I first started learning investing it would have saved me hours of work. Not only does the book teach you everything you need to know to be a great investor, but Jason’s personal story and experience helps show you HOW to learn — even more it shows you how to learn without spending money or going to college. When it’s all said and done, the book keeps its promise: It will teach you to be a value investor while saving you both time and money. $40 beats the costs of a university any day.” Daniel Sparks (Valuefolios) Review From Amazon


“This book gives you a great perspective of how you should evaluate a company from a value investment side.” A portion of a Verified Amazon Purchaser review from Amazon


“Jason Rivera’s first book is a culmination of 5 years of work, and it shows. To the beginner investor: if you ever wanted to learn how to really value companies–not just grab P/E ratios from Morningstar or Yahoo! Finance–this book should be the foundation of how you begin your education.


Mr. Rivera has curated the web’s best investment resources into a streamlined, easy-to-read walkthrough. What sets this book apart is its ability to discuss higher level concepts in the language that introductory investors would understand.

This is a vast genre, but I implore you to invest in Mr. Rivera’s firsthand experience into the subject of financial enlightenment. It’s really that simple.”  Jake’s Review from Amazon


“There is plenty to be inspired by in this book, The author is a private investor who has taught himself how to be a value investor through perseverance, focus and many, many hours of reading, either books, articles or just surfing the internet. The message is clear, if you want to be a good value investor you don’t need an MBA but do need to put in the time and practice; this book though can help you on your journey.


What I liked most are the 11 chapters each dedicated to a case study where a companies stock is valued using different mixes of valuation techniques. These range, for example, from ‘asset reproduction value’, ‘sum of the parts’ and ‘relative valuations’. There is plenty to learn in how to value a company and what metrics/ratios can be used. The author looks for value but also the Buffett styled ‘moat’ to ensure competitive advantage of the company.


What I also enjoyed very much is the authors analysis of his original case studies and how the investment played put. This was done with great honesty even when it didn’t go exactly to plan and mistakes were made in hindsight. This is not only refreshing for the reader but also critical for investors to improve their skills. In addition there are plenty of suggestions of books to read and websites to visit to help you further expand your knowledge.”  A portion of Valuefactors review on Amazon UK.


“I knew all the terms and read all the books but when it came to actually reading an annual report and getting something out of it I was lost. What your book did for me was offer concrete examples of how to find the information in an annual report that will allow an investor to make a conservative estimation of the true value of a company. Not only did it explain value matrices and why they are important and how they should be applied; but how an investor can find the inputs for these calculations in the annual report. For me that was a real eye opener. I would not change your book. I think it is the perfect starting point for someone who wants to start digging deeper into valuing businesses. It is a simple read and the cases and techniques used in each case are well explained. It does not overload the reader with either high theory or esoteric math. I think it does just enough to explain mind set when value investing and how to “discover” the value of a business.  So I would not change your book; it provides a great starting point for someone interested in valuing businesses.”  Testimonial that a reader sent to my email.

The premise of this book is simple.  You no longer need to go to an expensive Ivy League level school to learn how to become an excellent value investor.  I am going to show you the steps I took to teach myself about investing.  And show you how you can also become an excellent value investor without going to college.

If you want to become an excellent value investor faster.  While also saving yourself a lot of money in the process.  Then continue on and learn from my value investing journey.  The book is geared towards beginner and intermediate level value investors to help reduce the main problem and frustration I had when I started to teach myself; wasted time.   A small portion of what will be taught in the book is below:

  1. How to use valuation techniques.  How to adjust them.  How to incorporate them into your own analysis.  And tell you what they mean for the overall investment thesis.
  2. How to properly evaluate a company’s financial reports, profitability ratios, and debt ratios.  This will help decide if the company is a good investment.
  3. I will show you how I make sell decisions now.  This includes me sharing how I missed out on a nearly 70% gain because I didn’t have the proper sell decision processes in place before I implemented them.
  4. I will show you how I do research.  I will show you how to discard bad companies fast.  Saving you a lot of time.  And leading you to finding better investments faster.

If you learn and put into practice what is shown in the book.  Work hard.  Continue to learn and develop your own proper thought, investment processes, and mind-set.  I guarantee that you will be a better at evaluating companies for investment than most MBA’s and professional level investors.

All for less than 1/3 of the price of ONE college textbook.  For a fraction of the cost of going to a university.  And you will also save yourself YEARS of time from having to find all of this information by yourself like I had to.

Preview Chapters If you would like to preview the book first please download the First Four Chapters of How To Value Invest to download the introduction and first four chapters of the book.

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If you still aren’t sure, check out the first five reviews of the book on Amazon.  The book is averaging 4.67 out of 5 stars right now!  And here is a link to a great 4 star review on Amazon UK’s site.

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